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    Sino-german electrical company(J&L)The specialty is engaged in the electrical devices、The hotel guest control system、The light source apparatus、Intelligent home control system of intelligent electrical products such as research and development、Design and sales,To the global customers with wide and high quality products and services。
    Products involved in switch socket、Lighting lamps and lanterns、Building electric、Industrial electrical system、Explosion-proof electrical appliances、Electrical equipment、Electrical components、Wire and cable、Intelligent control system, etc,Cover distribution business links、Logistics warehousing、Professional and technical services、System integration and complete manufacture and so on each link。
    J<he company successfully developed a series of intelligent electrical products is suitable for the modern architecture,And for the hotel、The office building、Household、Villas and other high-end customers with a full range of professional solutions。FromJ&LAs a series of any product,You can findJ&LPay attention to the comfort and safety of products all the time,Not just has a beautiful appearance。Both design and product quality,J<he product has excellent quality。
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